Ruth Hinkel-Pevzner

The Gardens
Clandon Park
National Trust
West Clandon

June 2012
Installation views
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A triptych film series, The Gardens explores the notion of free will. The original text of the voiceovers uses the imagery of horticulture as a metaphor for the worlds of three women: over visuals tinted in a vibrant red hue, a young woman speaks of her outings through a public park as she tries to choose between two suitors as one taking her for walks in public parks the other in meadows. In autumnal orange, a middle aged woman reflects on the state of her garden, overgrown and in need of attention, but of the beauty of established trees bearing fruit. Finally, in the yellow of old photographs, the older woman rests in a sanatorium, reflecting on the past and nature's course.

Representing experiences that endure through time and culture, the work utilises visuals sourced from three different countries: the National Film and Television Archive (BFI) in the UK, the Library of Congress in the US, and the Russian State Documentary Film and Photo Archive, in a combination coincidentally resembling Hinkel-Pevzner's background.

The project is generously supported by Arts Council England, the Ernest Cook Trust and the European Cultural Foundation.

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